Welcome to The Distelheim Gallery™ online and consume the same kind of spirit and love of art once found in the original location of this 67 East Oak Street in Chicago. Now reimagined and managed by the daughter of the original gallery owner our hope is that this site captures the by gone essence where In the early 1960’s, a young and successful Chicago dermatologist named Irving Distelheim MD, tired of playing golf on his day off, instead began visitng various art galleries on and around the  city’s famed Oak Street. It wasn't look that he became friends with several of the gallery owners, and then one of his new friends suggested Distelheim open his own gallery there. 

  • In the swirling milieu of the early 1960s, a young and enterprising Chicago dermatologist, my father,  Dr. Irving Distelheim, found himself at a crossroads. The verdant fairways of golf courses no longer captivated his imagination. Instead, drawn by the allure of Chicago's vibrant art scene, he ventured into the labyrinth of galleries nestled within the illustrious Oak Street. 

    As he immersed himself in the tapestries of color and form, Dr. Distelheim kindled friendships with the custodians of these artistic havens, connections that would soon alter the trajectory of his life.

    It was within these sanctuaries of creativity that a gallery owner, perceiving the kindling passion within Dr. Distelheim, planted the seed of a bold proposal: to curate his own gallery. This idea resonated within him, striking a chord that harmonized with his newfound zeal. Dr. Distelheim set into motion a plan that would eventually weave his name into the fabric of Chicago’s art legacy.

    His first step was to rally the talents of local artists whose skill was as formidable as their visions were profound. These inaugural signatures would be the cornerstone of his gallery. Yet, Dr. Distelheim's ambition reached beyond the shores of the Great Lake. His heart was set on the School of Paris, a collective that had captured his imagination during his sojourns to the French capital. There, amidst the Parisian élan, he engaged with artists whose oeuvre spoke the universal language of significant artistic statements.

    Upon his return, the Distelheim Art Galleries blossomed into existence, greeted by the fanfare of a city rich in cultural appetite. Under Dr. Distelheim's stewardship, the gallery burgeoned, becoming a crucible for intellectual exchange through a series of erudite lectures by artists, critics, and connoisseurs alike. The gallery, in its illustrious tenure on 67 East Oak Street, became a linchpin of Oak Street’s artistic identity, fostering the city's art scene for 23 wondrous years.

  • Yet, as the seasons changed, so too did the chapters of Dr. Distelheim's life. The intricate ballet of managing both a medical practice and an art gallery beckoned for a curtain call. It was time for the lights of Distelheim Art Galleries to dim. But the narrative was far from over.

    Here’s where I, as his youngest daughter, Lisa Distelheim Barron, come in a scion of this artistic lineage, who, with a heart full of homage and hands eager to sculpt a future, has taken the baton. 

    My vision is a confluence of familial legacy and the pulsating promise of contemporary art. Partnering with me, she seeks to forge a new vanguard that venerates the past while boldly striding into the future.

    Together, with Jefferey Cornett, we have conceived a space that will not only be a tribute to her father’s illustrious past but will also serve as a canvas for modern artistry. The new Distelheim Gallery is poised to house our exclusive Orange and Black Collection—a mélange of one-of-a-kind originals, limited edition prints, and even artisanal cards and papers. 

    These pieces are not just artifacts; they are conversations in color, texture, and emotion.

    As Jefferey’s partner, both in vision and in life, I stand humbly at the precipice of this renaissance, honored to have my work featured in the new iteration of the Distelheim Gallery. It is here, at this intersection of history and innovation, that we invite the world to witness the reinvigoration of a legacy and the birth of new artistic horizons.

The idea of paying tribute to my father and his artistic legacy struck a resonant chord with me.I hope you enjoy the art work featured at Distelheim Gallery. ts and creates a place to showcase new art collections, including new work from our exclusive Orange and Black Collection, that includes one of a kind originals, limited edition prints and even luxurious cards and papers.

Lisa Distelheim Barron

Founder | Daughter | Managing Partner

about the found & Managing Partner

Lisa Distelheim Barron

Lisa Distelheim Barron, is an award-winning American broadcast and print journalist. Barron has reported for Time Inc., NHK, CNBC, CNN, and CBS News, based in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amman, Baghdad, Chicago, and New York City.In the late 1980s, while working for Life magazine in London, she became the first western journalist to interview Alexander Dubcek after the Prague Spring. She also reported on the British Royal Family and covered human interest stories across Europe for Life, and on breaking news and feature stories for Time magazine.

Known for its luxury shopping, historic architecture, and as a pivotal part of the city's Gold Coast neighborhood. Its history reflects the broader evolution of Chicago, from a post-Great Chicago Fire rebuild to a modern-day affluent residential and retail district. Now we're proud to continue the magic and creative energy of the original Distelheim Gallery on Oak Street online and world wide.

  • Each Work Is A Journey

    At the Distelheim Gallery, we believe that each piece of art is not merely an object of aesthetic admiration but a profound journey into the mind of its creator and the cultures that shape its essence. Our proprietary collections are not just curated but created with the gallery brand in mind under the guiding principle that "Each Work Is A Journey," inviting our patrons to embark on an exploratory path that traverses historical epochs, dances across the contours of diverse geographies, and delves into the myriad human emotions captured by our artists. This ethos is woven into the fabric of our exhibits, as we showcase a range of works from timeless classics to contemporary marvels, each selected for its unique ability to transport viewers to distant realms, both external and internal.

    The Distelheim Gallery's collections are thoughtfully assembled to provide an immersive experience that educates, inspires, and evokes curiosity. Through each painting, sculpture, photograph, and installation, visitors are offered an intimate glimpse into the intricate tapestry of human experience, as seen through the eyes of artists who have mastered the art of storytelling through their chosen medium. 

    Our goal is to foster a deep appreciation for the journey that art encapsulates, encouraging a dialogue that transcends the visual, to touch the soul of each individual who walks through our doors. As you explore our collections, we invite you to join us in celebrating the rich narratives and emotional landscapes that art, in its most profound expression, unveils.

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Our First Premiere Collection

''Vital Fusion: The Orange & Black Dynamic ' ©2024 balances chaos with order, and the colors suggest warmth, possibly reflecting themes such as industrialism, urban life, or the merger of man-made and natural worlds."

"The Orange and Black Collection is a powerful, personal choice from time in the Ivy League and the clear love and passion for Princeton and Tiger Centric colors, patterns that personafy and perpetuate the experience I had. It also exemplifies all those who have experienced the same and why we chose this collection to be the first of many for our gallery."

This artwork is a complex, textured abstract composition with a dominant use of orange, black, and earthy tones. It features a variety of elements and techniques that create a rich visual tapestry. On the left side, there are vertical lines and geometric shapes that suggest a structured, almost architectural form.

These are contrasted by the more organic shapes and splatters that give a sense of spontaneity and movement. The central area where a vibrant orange color is prominent might symbolize a focal point or a source of light, energy, or heat within the composition.

The textures vary across the canvas, with some areas appearing smooth and others highly textured or even gritty, possibly achieved through layering of paint or mixed media.


New Works For Summer Showings

Just The Two of Us

Grover Washington,Jr couldn't have said it better "Just the two of us building castles in the sky just the two of us you and I" and so we do with this gallery and all it represents.

Lisa Distelheim Barron & Jefferey Cornett are partners in this art venture with Jefferey acting as artistic director/artist in residence riding on his more than forty years of creative work with brands, retail. broadcasting, and events nationwide.

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