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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Black & Orange Collection: "Eclipse Over Patina" Large Format Art

The Black & Orange Collection: "Eclipse Over Patina" Large Format Art

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The abstract painting titled "Eclipse Over Patina" by Jeffrey Cornett is a striking visual element within this room. Its vibrant orange background injects a bold pop of color into the otherwise neutral color scheme of the space. The pattern of black circles that suggest an eclipse adds a dynamic and modern touch to the artwork. This juxtaposition of color and form creates a focal point that draws the eye and invites contemplation.

In the context of the room, the artwork's size is proportionate to the wall it adorns, creating a sense of balance. The round shapes of the eclipse contrast with the clean, straight lines of the furniture, such as the sofa, coffee table, and TV stand, providing a break from the angular geometry that dominates the room. This contrast not only adds visual interest but also softens the room's modern, almost industrial aesthetic.

The color palette of the painting, with its warm orange hues, complements the cooler grays of the sofa and the concrete wall, creating a harmonious balance between warmth and coolness. The black circles echo the darker tones found in the cushions and other accents in the room, such as the dark shelving of the TV stand, tying the artwork back into the overall design of the space. 

The painting's theme of an eclipse can also metaphorically resonate with the room's design, where the play of light and shadow is evident through the natural light entering from the large window. This celestial event depicted in the painting can parallel the interaction between the interior space and the external environment, further enhancing the cohesion between the art and the room's aesthetic.

Overall, "Eclipse Over Patina" works well within the setting by adding a layer of texture and color that complements the room's contemporary design. It acts as a statement piece that enriches the visual experience of the space without overwhelming it, reflecting a well-considered choice of art that resonates with the room's architecture and furnishings.

"Eclipse Over Patina" is available in three current options (1) large format master painting (2) bookshelf sized limited edition mounted canvas and/or (3) as a printed ten note card set with envelopes)  as the sole pattern or as a collection of Orange & Black works.

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