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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Black & Orange Collection: "Entropy In Orange" Large Format Art

The Black & Orange Collection: "Entropy In Orange" Large Format Art

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"As a new collector, I am thrilled to add "Entropy in Orange" to my burgeoning collection, particularly as it is a work by the  contemporary artist, Jeffrey Cornett. This piece is a quintessential example of Cornett's adeptness at navigating the fine line between order and chaos, a theme that resonates throughout his oeuvre."

 This artwork presents a striking contrast with a chaotic, scribbled black form centered on a vivid orange background. The black form is dense and appears to be composed of numerous erratic, crisscrossing lines, giving it a sense of depth and texture that stands out against the flat, uniform orange.

The randomness of the black strokes creates an almost palpable energy, as if capturing a moment of frenetic movement or the aftermath of a dynamic event. The choice of orange as a background not only accentuates the black but also evokes emotions of warmth, vibrancy, and excitement.

The composition is simple yet powerful, with the abstract nature of the scribbles leaving much to interpretation. It could be seen as a metaphor for chaos amidst order, a visual representation of noise, or an abstract expression of inner turmoil or intensity. The lack of a clear structure invites viewers to project their own ideas and feelings onto the piece

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