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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Black & Orange Collection "Encoded Vibrance" Large Format

The Black & Orange Collection "Encoded Vibrance" Large Format

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The artwork presents a striking visual contrast created by the juxtaposition of orderly black lines over a textured orange backdrop. These black lines appear in a concentrated block, reminiscent of a barcode or a densely written passage in a script, against the vibrant orange which evokes warmth and energy. The composition includes subtle variations in the orange hues, with lighter and darker shades suggesting depth and texture. To the right, a solitary white vertical stripe provides a visual break, adding balance to the piece.

The structure of the black lines could imply a sense of information, data, or communication, perhaps hinting at the modern digital age where so much is encoded in barcodes or similar forms. Yet, this is softened by the organic and almost rustic feel of the orange background, which might suggest a canvas or a wall.

"Encoded Vibrance" from The Orange & Black Collection,  captures the essence of both the vivid energy of the color scheme and the structured, encoded nature of the black lines.

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