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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Cocoa Orbits" Bookshelf Size Art

The Orange & Black Collection "Cocoa Orbits" Bookshelf Size Art

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"Cocoa Orbits" is a visually striking piece from The Orange & Black Collection by Jefferey Cornett. This artwork is sized for versatility, making it an excellent selection for art collectors who are beginning to curate their collection and for those looking for a distinctive piece that will complement any space, be it in a home or an office setting.

The design features an array of orange circles on a black backdrop, reminiscent of celestial bodies floating in the vast expanse of space. The various sizes and the arrangement of the circles create a sense of depth and dimension, inviting the viewer to consider the vastness and the beauty of the cosmos. The warm tones of orange suggest a sense of comfort and familiarity, akin to the glow of a cozy hearth or the richness of cocoa.

Each "Cocoa Orbits" artwork is encased in its own collector-style box, signifying the care and quality invested into the piece. It arrives ready to be placed and appreciated, offering an effortless yet sophisticated addition to any décor. This art piece is not only a visual treat but also a source of contemplation and intrigue, making it a superb gift for anyone who values the intersection of art and science, or simply the beauty of abstract compositions.

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