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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Cocoa Orbitzzz" Bookshelf Size Art

The Orange & Black Collection "Cocoa Orbitzzz" Bookshelf Size Art

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"Cocoa Orbitzzz" is a captivating limited edition artwork by Jeffrey Cornett, which is part of The Orange & Black Collection. This piece features a playful and organic arrangement of bold black circular forms that appear to float over a speckled, cocoa-colored background, creating a sense of movement and rhythm.

The artwork is perfectly sized for versatility, allowing it to be placed in a variety of settings, from the intimacy of a bookshelf to the centrality of a coffee table, or even the professional environment of an office desk. The contrast of the dark, freeform shapes against the lighter, textured backdrop offers a modern and striking visual appeal, making it a prominent point of interest in any space.

Designed with the art-loving, space and budget-conscious individual in mind, "Cocoa Orbitzzz" is an excellent gift choice. It caters to those who may have limited space or prefer not to invest in large-scale art installations. This piece is not just an object of decor but an invitation to appreciate the simplicity and elegance of abstract art. It is a testament to how a small artwork can make a significant impact, enriching the aesthetic of a room without overwhelming it.

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