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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Cocoa Orbitzzz" Personal Notecard Set

The Orange & Black Collection "Cocoa Orbitzzz" Personal Notecard Set

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Drawing inspiration from the captivating "Cocoa Orbitzzz" by Jeffrey Cornett, The Orange & Black Collection presents a luxurious personal note card and envelope set that embodies the charm of handwritten correspondence. Each set comprises ten elegantly designed 4.75" x 6.75" cards, featuring the "Cocoa Orbitzzz" motif both on the front and back, enveloping your words in a dance of abstract shapes and warm hues.

The note cards provide a generous interior space, allowing you to craft heartfelt messages, jot down reflective thoughts, or share your expressions in the most personal manner. The quality of the paper is palpable to the touch, further enhancing the pleasure of writing and receiving a tangible piece of communication.

Accompanied by matching envelopes, these cards ensure that every note you send is not just read but felt, conveying a sense of sophistication and thoughtfulness. Whether dispatching invitations, expressing gratitude, or simply sharing a moment of your day, this "Cocoa Orbitzzz" note card set from The Orange & Black Collection is a tribute to the artistry of personal touch.

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