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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Coded Rhythms" Large Format

The Orange & Black Collection "Coded Rhythms" Large Format

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"Coded Rhythms" by Jeffrey Cornett is a vibrant and thought-provoking piece that I chose as the first significant work of art to gift to my father for his new office. As a young woman new to the art-collecting scene, I found this piece to be refreshingly accessible yet deeply complex, embodying a spirit of modernity and energy that I felt would resonate with my dad's innovative and forward-thinking nature."

 This artwork consists of two vertical columns of horizontal black brush strokes on a vibrant orange background. The strokes vary slightly in length and thickness, which suggests they may have been hand-painted or drawn, providing a textured, organic feel. The uniformity of the lines and their arrangement into two columns give the work a rhythmic and structured appearance, reminiscent of a musical score or barcode patterns.

The stark contrast between the black lines and the orange field creates a visual pop effect, emphasizing the graphic nature of the piece. The lines themselves, while orderly, have a rough, almost frayed edge, contributing to a sense of controlled chaos within the systematic arrangement.

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