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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection " Coded Rythms" Bookshelf Sized Art

The Orange & Black Collection " Coded Rythms" Bookshelf Sized Art

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The artwork titled "Coded Rhythms" is a distinctive piece from The Orange & Black Collection by Jefferey Cornett, presenting an aesthetic that blends minimalist design with a sense of underlying complexity. This bookshelf-sized piece features a bright orange canvas that is punctuated by two sets of vertical black lines, arranged in a way that may suggest a binary or encoded message, in keeping with the notion of "coded" rhythms.

Its modest size is perfectly tailored for those who are new to art collecting or those looking for a high-quality, unique piece that can be accommodated in virtually any space, whether at home or in the office. This piece is not only visually striking but also invokes contemplation on the patterns and codes that underpin our digital age.

Each "Coded Rhythms" artwork is encapsulated in its own collector-style box, ensuring it arrives ready for immediate placement and enjoyment. As a gift, this artwork is not just a mere object but an introduction to the thoughtful dialogue between art, space, and viewer, making it a sophisticated and insightful selection for anyone receiving it.


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