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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Entropy In Orange" Bookshelf Size Art

The Orange & Black Collection "Entropy In Orange" Bookshelf Size Art

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"Entropy in Orange" is a visually arresting, limited edition artwork by Jeffrey Cornett, featured in The Orange & Black Collection. This piece showcases a chaotic tangle of black lines clustered against a solid, vivacious orange backdrop. The abstract design encapsulates the concept of entropy, representing the gradual decline into disorder within a system, which is here juxtaposed with the boldness of orange, symbolizing energy and vitality.

This artwork's modest dimensions make it an excellent fit for a variety of settings. Whether it's displayed on a coffee table as a statement piece, tucked into a curated array on a bookshelf, or adding a touch of creative flair to an office desk, "Entropy in Orange" is designed to adapt to the owner’s space and style needs.

Moreover, it serves as an ideal gift for art aficionados who are conscious of space, prefer not to commit to large, wall-mounted pieces, or are working within a budget. This piece provides a sophisticated and thought-provoking visual experience, demonstrating that even small-scale art can deliver powerful aesthetic and conceptual impact, enriching any environment in which it is placed

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