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Jefferey Cornett

The Orange & Black Collection "Entropy In Orange" Personal Note Card Set

The Orange & Black Collection "Entropy In Orange" Personal Note Card Set

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Indulge in the art of correspondence with The Orange & Black Collection's "Entropy in Orange" luxurious personal note card and envelope set, meticulously designed by the acclaimed artist Jeffrey Cornett. This exclusive boxed set, measuring 4.75" x 6.75", includes ten premium cards that display the evocative "Entropy in Orange" design on both the front and back, inviting the beholder into a visual dialogue with the chaos and order inherent in nature.

Each card is a canvas for your personal musings, offering ample inside space to inscribe heartfelt notes, profound thoughts, or personal expressions in your own hand. The tactile pleasure of the high-quality paper complements the aesthetic finesse of Cornett's design, making each written word a memorable gesture.

Enclosed in a matching envelope that echoes the sophistication of the cards, your message will arrive as not just a note, but a statement of elegance and cultural appreciation. Whether for thank you notes, invitations, or just keeping in touch, the "Entropy in Orange" set is an homage to personal touch in an increasingly digital world.

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