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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection 'More Cocoa Orbitzzz' Large Format Art

The Orange & Black Collection 'More Cocoa Orbitzzz' Large Format Art

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 "The playful nature of 'More Cocoa Orbitzzz' brings such a warm and joyful energy to my space. It's like having a little bit of the cosmos right in my own home."

This artwork features a series of bold black circular forms on a white background speckled with a dense scattering of coral-pink dots. The black circles are varied in size and not uniform; some are solid, while others have smaller circles within them, creating a sense of depth and layering. The the washed out orange dots give the background a textured look, almost like splattered paint or a petri dish culture, adding a dynamic and organic feel to the composition.

The contrast between the solid black forms and the playful pink speckles creates a visual dialogue, with the black shapes seeming to float over the lively background. This piece could be interpreted as a playful take on the traditional polka dot pattern, with an added complexity that invites the viewer to look closer and discover the variations and imperfections in each element.

Overall, the artwork has a modern, graphic quality with a hint of whimsy due to the irregularity and the bright pop of color. The simplicity of the color scheme and the boldness of the shapes give it a strong visual impact, suitable for eliciting a cheerful and energetic response from the viewer.

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