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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Nocturnal Pulse" Bookshelf Sized Art

The Orange & Black Collection "Nocturnal Pulse" Bookshelf Sized Art

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"Nocturnal Pulse" is a captivating addition to The Orange & Black Collection by Jefferey Cornett, characterized by its sophisticated yet bold aesthetic that is sure to enhance any art collection. This bookshelf-sized piece embodies a rhythmic contrast between the deep black figures and the vibrant orange background, evoking the essence of a lively night scene.

The artwork's dimensions are ideal for novice collectors or for those looking to add a quality piece that can be accommodated in almost any space, whether it's a quaint corner in a residential area or a professional environment in an office. The design features two prominent black shapes on an orange field, creating a feeling of dynamic movement or a heart beating in the stillness of the night, which aligns with the title "Nocturnal Pulse."

Each of these unique pieces arrives in a collector-style box, adding a touch of exclusivity and making it a delightful gift-ready item. "Nocturnal Pulse" is not just an artwork; it is a statement piece that's ready to be displayed and admired, offering an immediate upgrade to the aesthetic appeal of any room it's placed in.

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