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The Distelheim Gallery

The Orange & Black Collection "Orange Eclipse" Bookshelf Sized Art Work

The Orange & Black Collection "Orange Eclipse" Bookshelf Sized Art Work

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"Orange Eclipse" by Jefferey Cornett is a compelling piece from The Orange & Black Collection that offers a striking visual impact in a compact size, making it an ideal choice for burgeoning art enthusiasts or those with limited display space. With its bookshelf-friendly dimensions, this artwork can effortlessly adorn any room, be it a cozy corner in a home or a personal space in an office. The vibrant orange backdrop serves as a dynamic field for the bold, black abstract shape that takes center stage, reminiscent of an eclipse, creating a strong contrast and a sense of movement within the piece.

Each "Orange Eclipse" artwork is a testament to unique artistry and is delivered in a collector-style box, ensuring that it arrives as a complete package ready for display. Whether as a thoughtful present for a friend or a treat for oneself, it promises to be a conversation starter and a cherished item for any receiver.

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