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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Orange Eclipse" Personal Note Card Set

The Orange & Black Collection "Orange Eclipse" Personal Note Card Set

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Introducing "Orange Eclipse," a distinctive offering from The Orange & Black Collection by Jeffrey Cornett, crafted with the discerning communicator in mind. This personal note card set is an embodiment of sophistication, featuring ten luxurious cards that each measure 4.75" x 6.75". The bold design of "Orange Eclipse" graces both the front and back of each card, evoking the mesmerizing interplay of shadow and light found in celestial events.

The "Orange Eclipse" motif is striking, with its stark, black shapes set against a vibrant orange backdrop, suggesting the drama and mystery of an eclipse. The visual rhythm it creates is reminiscent of the quiet yet powerful moments when night meets day.

As you unfold each card, you are greeted by a blank interior—a canvas awaiting your personal touch. These cards are not just a means of sending a message; they are an opportunity to convey emotion, thoughtfulness, and a touch of the artistic spirit that characterizes The Orange & Black Collection.

Each set comes complete with matching envelopes that enhance the visual experience, ensuring that your correspondence is not only a pleasure to write but also a delight to receive. Whether for formal announcements, intimate messages, or simply to keep the art of letter-writing alive, the "Orange Eclipse" personal note card set is a testament to the beauty of connection through the written word.

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