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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Pantina Over Orange" Personal Note Card Set

The Orange & Black Collection "Pantina Over Orange" Personal Note Card Set

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The Orange & Black Collection proudly introduces "Patina Over Orange," a distinguished personal note card and envelope set from the imaginative palette of Jefferey Cornett. This premium collection is designed for connoisseurs of artful communication who desire to make a lasting impression with every message they send.

"Patina Over Orange" brings ten luxurious cards to your desk, each measuring 4.75" x 6.75". These cards boast a bold and captivating design that dances across the front and back, embodying the pulsating beat of the night through its vivid contrast of black on a lively orange background.

Cornett's design is a celebration of texture and pattern, inviting touch and contemplation, turning each note card into a small gallery piece. Inside, the cards are a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your penned expressions, whether they be heartfelt messages, thoughtful musings, or casual greetings.

Each set arrives in a beautifully crafted box, with envelopes that harmonize with the note cards' design, ensuring your correspondence is both an aesthetic and personal delight. "Patina Over Orange" transcends the ordinary, transforming each piece of correspondence into an extraordinary exchange of art, emotion, and connection.

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