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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Patina Over Orange" Bookshelf Sized Art

The Orange & Black Collection "Patina Over Orange" Bookshelf Sized Art

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"Patina Over Orange" is an intriguing table top or bookshelf-sized limited edition artwork by Jeffrey Cornett, forming part of The Orange & Black Collection. It presents a vibrant composition of black dots overlaying a textured, orange-hued backdrop that suggests a weathered yet energetic patina effect. The artwork exudes a dynamic and contemporary aesthetic, with a nod to mid-century modern design through its bold, contrasting colors and abstract form.

The compact size of the piece makes it an ideal decorative addition for an array of spaces such as a coffee table centerpiece, a distinguished accent on a bookshelf, or a sophisticated touch to an office desk. It caters to art enthusiasts who are mindful of space and budget, without compromising on the essence of owning a piece of curated art.

This artwork is not only a statement piece that can spark conversations but also a thoughtful gift. It is perfect for those who appreciate the essence of art but may not have the luxury of ample wall space or a large budget for art. With its versatile size and striking visual appeal, "Patina Over Orange" offers an accessible entry point into the art collector's world, promising to enhance any room it inhabits.

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