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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Resonance Disrupted"

The Orange & Black Collection "Resonance Disrupted"

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"Resonance Disrupted" from The Orange & Black Collection by Jefferey Cornett is an artistic exploration of form and contrast, captured in a size that's perfectly suited for those beginning their art collection journey. This piece features a bold, orange canvas interrupted by stark black horizontal lines, suggesting a visual disturbance or an interruption in a pattern or frequency, hence the title "Resonance Disrupted."

Designed to fit seamlessly into various spaces, whether it's a home or an office setting, the art's compact dimensions make it an adaptable and subtle yet impactful addition to any room. The artwork's vivid colors and striking pattern are sure to draw the eye and spark conversation, offering a splash of sophistication and modernity.

Each artwork is thoughtfully packaged in its own collector-style box, underscoring the care and exclusivity of the piece. Ready to be placed and enjoyed upon arrival, "Resonance Disrupted" makes for an excellent gift for art lovers or a personal indulgence for those looking to enhance their environment with a distinctive and quality artwork.

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