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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Resonance Disrupted" Large Format

The Orange & Black Collection "Resonance Disrupted" Large Format

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As a couple who has recently ventured into the art-collecting world, "Resonance Disrupted" by Jeffrey Cornett is our inaugural purchase, and it could not have been a more perfect selection for our apartment. This artwork brings an exciting blend of boldness and subtlety that has transformed our space into a statement of contemporary aesthetics.


"Resonance Disrupted" by Jefferey Cornett is a striking abstract piece that utilizes a bold contrast of black against a fiery orange background. The artwork features a series of dense black horizontal bars that are evenly spaced and stretch across the width of the canvas. These bars are reminiscent of a visual equalizer or the strings of a musical instrument, conveying a sense of order and rhythm.

Interrupting this regularity are speckles and shards of white that appear to be emanating from one side of the canvas, scattering across the field of orange. The effect is that of a disturbance or an interruption, as if a sudden force has disrupted the harmony of the black lines. This could symbolize a moment of disruption in silence or a static signal in a calm sea of order.

Overall, "Resonance Disrupted" is a dynamic and engaging piece, emblematic of Cornett's ability to convey complex concepts through minimalistic yet powerful visual elements.

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