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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black Collection "Tangerine Whorl" Large Format Art

The Orange & Black Collection "Tangerine Whorl" Large Format Art

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"The artwork has been a centerpiece in our main lobby, offering a burst of warmth and vitality with its rich tangerine backdrop. Patients, visitors, and staff alike often paused to admire Cornett's bold loop—a black form that suggested continuity and movement, perhaps reflective of the ever-continuing cycle of healing and care that defines our institution.The texture of the piece, visible even from a distance, spoke to the tactile nature of our work—hands-on, personal, and deeply human."

"Tangerine Whorl" is an abstract expressionist piece by Jeffrey Cornett that features a bold, black circular shape on a textured tangerine orange background. The black shape is not a perfect circle but more of an organic loop, giving the impression of motion, as if it were a brushstroke captured mid-swirl. The background is alive with variations in tone and brushwork, creating a sense of depth and movement reminiscent of a richly painted surface or the natural patina of a well-worn material.

The stark contrast between the black and the bright orange creates a striking visual tension. The orange hue is energetic and warm, while the black adds a grounding element. The piece has a raw, visceral quality, with the brushstrokes visible and the texture almost palpable. It evokes a sense of the artisanal hand at work, where precision gives way to emotion and intuition.

The overall effect is one of dynamic tension between the two elements - the calm solidity of the black shape and the lively, almost chaotic energy of the orange field. It's a study in contrasts: organic versus geometric, motion versus stillness, and rough versus smooth.

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