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Jefferey Cornett Designs

The Orange & Black "Orange Eclipse" Large Format Art

The Orange & Black "Orange Eclipse" Large Format Art

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"Orange Eclipse" by Jeffrey Cornett is a bold and mesmerizing addition to my seasoned collection. As an experienced buyer, I have encountered numerous works, but Cornett's minimalist approach here is laudably profound in its simplicity and impact."

The artwork displays a minimalist design, consisting of a bold black ellipse with a thick, orange border set against a solid orange background. The ellipse is slightly off-center, and its form is echoed by a narrower black outline within, creating a visual effect of depth and layering. The simplicity of the form and the stark contrast of black against orange give the piece a graphic quality that is both modern and striking.

The clean lines and restricted color palette focus the viewer's attention on the interplay of shapes and the negative space within and around the ellipse. This composition can be interpreted as an abstract representation of various themes, from a solar eclipse to the concept of layers, depth, and focus.

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